The Inner Game of Leadership
Executive Retreat
Thursday 9 & Friday 10 July 2020
Four Acres, London

How to lead

yourself, your 

people and 

your organisation for extraordinary



The Inner Game of Leadership

Thursday 9 July/

Friday 10 July 2020

Thurs: 18.00 - 21.00 

Fri: 08:30 - 17:00

Cost for this program is £1050 excl. VAT.  This includes welcome reception, evening dinner, breakfast, lunch, overnight accommodation at Four Acres, full access to Potential Project App, The Mind of the Leader book and 14-day Challenge with faculty-led Alumni Webinar. 

The event is limited to 15 external 

senior leaders who will join 15 senior leaders from Unilever.

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An Invitation to Self Discovery

As a leader, have you ever considered the following questions: 

* How can I bring my best self to the situations I face?  

* How do I have the right impact on those I lead, and help those around
   me also adapt to new ways of working?

* What are the practices that I need to develop for my own improved
   performance and wellbeing as well as for others?

* Why are the old management rules no longer applicable, and what are
   the new alternatives?


As we embark on a new era of business leadership, focusing on the power of the leader's inner game,  Potential Project together with Unilever invite you to a unique retreat that will give you with the space to reflect deeply on these critical questions. 


Successful leadership today requires a greater focus on self discovery, through a process of reflection, connection and self-awareness. Designed by leaders for leaders, this retreat is an invitation to do exactly that - to support you in discovering the power of the inner game and to accelerate a new era in business leadership. 


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The Mind of the Leader is a ground- breaking new book published by
Harvard Business Press and is the result

of extensive research of over 35,000

senior leaders across the globe. 

Produced by the leadership team at Potential Project led by founder Rasmus Hougaard, it outlines a new model of leadership based on the fundamental skills of mindfulness, selflessness and compassion. 

This retreat will introduce you to how to unlock intrinsic motivation in yourself and 

others, create people centric cultures and deliver extraordinary results.

'A manual of success for leaders in any industry'
Arianna Huffington, Founder Thrive Global

"The Mind of the Leader compellingly shows how improving organisations starts with improving self, which starts with understanding self''
Jean- Francois Manzoni, President & Nestle Professor, 

IMD Business School

"The Mind of the Leader compellingly shows how improving organisations starts with improving self, which starts with understanding self''
Jean- Francois Manzoni, President & Nestle Professor, 

IMD Business School

Why attend?



with the 


To be an effective leader requires us
not to do more,
but to be more.

More of our 
authentic selves. 

Using our 

full capabilities.

What previous Unilever participants have to say about this retreat/experience:

Inspiring, motivating, thought provoking & challenging'

'A new perspective on leadership and the journey of self-discovery'

'Mind bending, inspirational and transformational. I can lead better, now.'

'I have a list of personal actions to BE a better leader now and some tools to become a better person and a greater leader in the future.'

I arrived feeling chaotic and frazzled, left feeling energised, renewed and inspired to achieve more for the organisation and myself.

An oasis of renewal and reflection. Key to modern leadership development'

'Hard to remember a more worthwhile 24 hours in my career'

The rules of leadership have changed yet so many leaders are struggling with the fundamental demands of the role and what exactly is expected of them. The unending complexity

of business means that the old model of command and control has

long since past its sell by date while countless surveys show that employee dissatisfaction with leadership has never been higher. What we have is a crisis of leadership. 


Our first task in this new world is not doing, but undoing. Undoing beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and habits that no longer serve us and then replacing them with a more authentic, people-centric model of mindful leadership. This retreat will explore how to develop the inner game, characterised by purpose, personal mastery and agility to better serve you, your people and your organisation. 


Meet Your Hosts

The Inner Game of Leadership will be led by a world-class team of highly experienced 
industry leaders from the worlds of business, consulting and corporate training. 

Tim Munden_Updated photo (2).jpg

Tim Munden

Chief Learning Officer  Unilever.

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louise .png

Louise Chester

Managing Director

Potential Project UK 

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Stephen -20.jpg

Stephen Stynes


Potential Project

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Thursday 9 July

Arrival Reception & Evening Dinner

18.00  - 21.00

The retreat begins with an introductory reception followed by evening dinner in the beautiful Four Acres restaurant. This will be an opportunity to meet fellow delegates in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

During the course of the evening you will be given a brief overview of the intention for the event, ground rules and expectations, and how the retreat will be structured. 

Participants will have been supplied with a special contact number to share for any urgent messages as this will be a no devices space. This will  provide an opportunity to get off the grid for a while and facilitate time and space for connection, reflection and time to simply be.

Friday 10 July

Leading Yourself  
08:30 - 12:30

Leading Others

14:30 - 17:00

The day will be spent exploring the questions around what it takes to be a successful leader in the 21st century.

Topics will cover






In addition to carefully facilitated discussion and reflection, participants will have the opportunity experience powerful mind training techniques and mental strategies based on leading edge neuroscience. 


The Venue 

 Located at Kingston Upon Thames, Four Acres has been at the forefront of leadership development for over 60 years. Four Acres is committed to the development of world class leadership talent. Set on 10 acres of pristinely manicured gardens, the centre provides unrivalled facilities for corporate meetings, leadership programmes and retreats including 39 bedrooms, a full restaurant, pool, and gym.

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